The life support machine beeps  rhythmically as I find it hard to find sleep. My relatives talk my ear off all day hoping I can hear them even though I am in a coma.

Two days and counting, I have been doomed to a life of time loops and I keep reliving the same nightmare over and over again.

It always begins with a storm. Raging on and on , pouring out its bowls of anger, the heavens demanding an explanation. The air is blanketed with thick black smoke and I’m struggling to breathe.

Forests are graveyards with tree stamps crying out loudly, a cry of war. The snow tops on mountains and at the poles is rapidly and the melted snow is submerging everything.

Harsh hot winds blow from the deserts destroying all in their way. Wild bush fires burn down vegetation to the ground. It’s fire and ice. With every in breath, the sulphur and carbon dioxide burn my lungs, with each out breath, my tongue is scalded.

My limbs grow heavier and I can barely walk. The earth has revolted. All of nature is the resistance. Taking down the system, making man pay for all he has done. With no mercy earth reclaims her power with an insidious force from within impossible to stop.

No room for negotiation. The wind disgustedly thrusts me into the sea . The water gains depth and drags me under, but my legs cannot fight against the tide. As I sink deeper, aquatic corpses surround me but their souls linger in the deep whispering nefarious ideas to the sea and fueling it’s rage.

After I cannot hold my breath anymore, my life support beeps rapidly and I am returned to reality. Drenched in sweat with a skyrocketing pulse, I grab the nurse standing by my side. I hold her firmly and look her in the eye. With a trembling voice, I croak, “What have we done to the world?”