I’ve always had a thing for tall men..
Ohhh! Tall men, he didn’t have to be an Adonis.
No, he just had to be tall and boom my heart went racing
Butterflies in my stomach, a smile adorning my cheeks.
They had my attention every time I set eyes on them,
My heart every time I got to know them.

But when he touched my cheek and caressed it
All I felt was confusion about how strange it felt
His touch had a darkness within, a sinister motive lurking..
An invasion of my personal space
I thought he’d stop, fighting them off does that right??
It makes them stop right?? Right??
But no, it didn’t. All it did was fuel him
He grabbed my arm, and it felt like a giant crushing my every bone.
He was leading me to my own doom, a predator that encircled his prey
It hurt when I fought back to set myself free.

I felt something in me twist and turn.
A strong feeling of rage and anger not at him, but at myself.
I could have screamed, I could have shouted, I could ahave said No.
But I didn’t. All I did was use my tiny little hands to fight him off.
Like that could have saved me from the giant’s attack.
A phone call in between his act was my narrow escape..
My God given chance to flee my predator
A chance I gladly took amidst my pain..

Tears running down my face as I walked home
To my secret hideout in plain sight.
A need to cry and scream clogging my throat with silence
And pain running down my cheeks.
No, I wasn’t indecent,
My thighs were tucked behind a pair of baggy shorts..
My breasts behind an oversize sweatshirt with no story to tell.
Neither was I loitering late in the night,
I was in a place I thought safe, with people I thought safe and

So pardon me for being wrong, okay??
Pardon me for thinking people have a tiny bit of decency left
To leave a girl child be, without scarring her for life.
Pardon me for believing in humanity.
But most of all, pardon me for being female.
Pardon me for being me..


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – Martin Luther Jr