Each candle has that wax that makes it stand out, the sweet fragrance that send chills to our spines and blesses our morning–
That candle was lit years ago.

Look through your windows, listen a little closer and hear the birds wailing, failing to soar because the once so bright sky is now a pit of misfortunes.

Hold tight your breathe and chase those thoughts. maybe your eyes could rest upon the sobbing trees, your hearts may leap and
compassion fill you to let the squirrels house be.

As your legs carry you along
the once beautiful shores of our oceans,
may you breathe in the odour of your carelessness and expel your selfishness as you sail across the fishless waters,
hear mother fish mourning father fish,
you murderer!

The world is revenging,
the skies are fighting back,
the oceans are packing and coming back home,and
oh wounded earth!

Maybe it’s not too late to heal our wounded earth, heal the scars and right our misdeeds.
Mr. Leader ride a bicycle to work
Common man develop sustainable energy.

Remember we may as well become homeless.
#let’s save our home.
#let’s rekindle the sweet burning candle flame.

We have no home except earth.

It’s no longer time for climate action-
it’s time for climate emergency action!
#imagine the once beautiful earth once more

Deogracious Rubangakene