Fact: According to statistics, the transportation sector is the source of almost 30% of the greenhouse gas emissions particularly due to the burning of fossils and coal for cars, planes, ships and generation of electricity.

Source: Unsplash by Markus Spiske

Today marks another chance of change

Each new day holds new opportunities to become a better person

To evolve and reduce our carbon footprint


As the earth breathes its last breath

It’s our constant reminder that we must change

Due to our selfish ways and inability to compromise,

Oceans have become bins,

Most of our favourite animals in children’s books

Will soon be fiction.

All the beautiful daisies and roses have been withered.

The farmers have been struggling

Longing for rains to save their dried up crops

With nothing being done statistics prove by 2050

All the animals we hold dear to our hearts will be


The same creatures that survived the ice age,

And earthquakes shan’t make it past humans.


Less than 3000 pandas still roam the earth,

Only a few lions are left in line

Day by day the giant white sharks continue to

Evolve into a myth

The white rhinos are now functionally extinct,

Gone for good.

The inspiration to some of our favorite classics is fading


Simba and Mufasa will soon be like they never existed!


But it’s not too late,

It’s never too late.

Benjamin Franklin once said “Attitude is one smaller

thing that makes a big difference.”

So if we can rehabilitate our minds,

Reform our attitudes

And become the better versions of ourselves,

We can slowly but surely reverse the damage.

And when you are about to give up,

Remember why you started

Remember the animals, the plants, the earth

And then by all means keep on moving.

Paula Kazino