Have you ever had an awful phase of overwhelming desolation and there isn’t even someone in sight to just pat you on the shoulder and at least remind you that “it’s okay” or that maybe it will be … have you been through that before? Well, I have, and it’s terrible! Trying to stay afloat when everything in your life seems to only go in the wrong direction and there’s no one in your reach to encourage you and give you that push is a very horrid experience, and I know for a fact that you’ve been there too – someone you know, someone you love might be there too. But what does being someone kind have to do with all this?

We’re living in unprecedented times; no one gave us a handbook on how to deal with the tragedies we would encounter at this particular point in time, we weren’t warned about the loss. the separation, the loneliness, the sadness, the uncertainty, and in spite of the desperate efforts we’ve made to act like life is normal again, it is inevitable to admit that we’re all enduring some kind of pain; physical or emotional. We’re all in need of someone to reach out a hand, a smile to remind us that we’re not suffering alone – a reminder that the days ahead of us are beaming with the radiance of a thousand suns. We all could use an act of kindness! When you’re at rock bottom (actually even when you’re not at rock bottom), encountering a kind person is one of the most precious experiences in this life. I for one have had situations that could have gone so terribly if not for the kind hearts that came to my aid.

You’re not required to take up anyone else’s baggage to save them from the adversity they’re facing; it’s not fair to you, is it? It’ll only weigh you down because none of us, neither you nor I is designed for that, we’re not made to save each other, but rather, we are made to support each other. Despite being wrapped up in holding yourself together, pat someone on the shoulder if that’s all you can do, be amiable in person and even to strangers on the internet, tell the truth so as not to hurt someone else with a lie, stand up for someone you know is being wrongfully convicted or treated unfairly, send someone a message maybe an old friend, wish them well, send them a prayer, give them a call and tell them you thought of them, the list could go on and on – these seemingly small gestures have a way of rekindling joy in hearts where it was a long gone sentiment.

It’s hard to ask for help, being vulnerable is scary for a lot of us, so don’t wonder why you probably haven’t had anyone reach out to you directly and share with you all about the difficult times they’re going through(or have gone through), and it is for this particular reason that you should remember always just to be ‘someone kind’ because you never know- you never know what wounds your mean joke might dig up or what memory you’ll awaken in someone when you raise your voice at them, you never know the damage you’ll cause when your actions or words aren’t kind. The best part of it all is that we’ll never get enough of kindness; we’re always yearning for that compassion. A reminder that the world can be a good place too, and that we’re enough, that we matter, and that we’re worthy is anything but insignificant, so go ahead, and be someone kind to anyone- someone kind to everyone! The world needs you to be someone kind, and most importantly, you need you to be someone kind!