She still exists
She is a girl ,
A girl of values
A girl of honours

She has her secrets
She has met demons
But when you meet her,
You get an unbroken smile,

She has loved
She has a broken heart
But when you meet her,
You find hope in her brown eyes
And when she loves ,
She still loves with a full heart

She is so pretty,
She is beautiful,
She has hidden scars,
But when you meet her,
You like her because of her generosity
She has been loved
She has been betrayed,
She has seen nothing but negativity,
But when she talks,
She talks of possibilities, brightness, love and kindness

She feels alone,
Deep inside she is afraid
But when you meet her, 
You admire her for her courage,
She is a goddess
She is full of love, affection
She is full of her self❣️
      Yeah, she exists
       I exist
The imperfectly perfect girl!