Rape is very serious but many of us consider it only a joke or an exaggeration, because it hasn’t happened to us or anyone we love. Rape can happen to anyone, regardless of age, size, religion, height,tribe and a lot more. I was assaulted by my cousin as I’m going to tell you.

I was always among the people who thought maybe girls get raped because they put themselves in those positions. When I talk about positions,I mean the way they dress, going to visit a boy with no company, being in a relationship at a tender age. All that shouldn’t even be a big deal but to some men, regardless the situation,they will still rape you.
My story is one I have taken time to consider and put out. I’m scared of being pinned to the wall because all my life people have been judging me and have always got the best of me .

I was nearly raped by a cousin when I was 20. Of course, my family is quite close,we see each other alot, we always have something bringing us together, we actually spend most Sundays together. One day I left home to go and visit my nephew because he really likes me a lot and it had been a while since I had seen him.I got there and the boy was asleep. So, I decided to watch TV as I wait. Suddenly my phone rang,it was my boyfriend calling. I picked up and we started talking, laughing and flirting alot. I then noticed the unusual look of anger on my cousin’s face and told my boyfriend that I would call him back. This man(my cousin) then asked me why I have a boyfriend and why I’m being disrespectful to him. I just laughed it off because we were good friends so I took it all as a joke. We cooled it off. He started asking me about school and of course, I responded. After a while,my big headed boyfriend called again saying he missed me. Out of the blue, my cousin pulled the phone away from me and said that I couldn’t be on phone. I made sure to keep calm because I knew these were all just games and jokes, totally nothing uncommon. He then walked into his bedroom and returned shirtless,he sat right next to me on the couch. And then, there it was! I was wearing a a long dress that even covers my toes. Personally, I love wearing big baggy clothes because they give me extreme comfort. But because some men are shameless,they will try to have sex with anyone and anything even with a woman in a dress that covers her toes!

He came straight to my face and tried to kiss me. I tried to push him away but of course he was stronger than me. As he did that, he used one of his hands to pull my dress up and he forced his finger in my womanhood.That was the moment I knew I was capable of murdering someone! I started to scream but he was biting my lips, I struggled as tears filled my eyes,I started to strangle him, and to my advantage,I had artificial nails,so I tried to dig them into his neck,he immediately let go of me. I got my phone,I ran out to get my shoes and save myself as quick as I could from that monster of a cousin. I left in such a haste that I forgot the rest of my things.
From then till date,I am still so scared of being touched,I am scared of giving in to intimacy with any man because I feel like they are all the same, like they’re all monsters. I gave suicide a thought time and again,but then looked at how many people depended on my happiness,and they happened to be so many. The thought of hurting people that really care about me couldn’t let me do it. But otherwise, I think I would have been long gone.
Rape is all so real. So many people judge rape victims but when it was my turn,I then knew no girl puts herself in such a position. No girl asks for it. Men are just shameless creatures who believe they can dip their little things everywhere, they assume that women are at their disposal, but we are not, in fact, we’ve never been. Protect the girl child and educate the male child to control his hormones.End rape!! Break the stigma!! Rape is real!!

By Anonymous