To you, the one I always want to see smiling. You have been through hell, a lot has troubled you, you have cried a lot, overthinking is all that you manage to do all day. The pain that you bear even without showing it is heavier than the universe. So depressed. I want to let you know that everything that bothers you bothers me, every time your smile fades away, I feel like leaves feel in autumn, yes! Exactly that!

I want to see you enjoying in the rain, dancing in the moonlight, laughing madly in the lamest jokes, with this pain is nowhere on the list.
Better days are coming. The way you are handling the situation is really superb, just keep going. Never cry because of temporary happenings because they are all going to come to an end yet you yourself need to stay strong and standing…

If something is bothering you, tell me about it and I will make it suitable for you. If you ever need someone to talk to, lean on, someone to take advice from, just give me a text, whatever the condition is, just remember I am just a call away.

The pain that you’re facing these days is making you stronger, whenever you get time, think about the growth you have achieved during the days of struggle, how as a person you’re becoming someone who is not only aware of what should do but is also aware of the environment that you want to live in, now you’re choosing your life all by yourself. Always remember that you are more than strong to handle everything that comes your way.
I promise to remain there for you in every condition, I want to hear the sound of that laughter of yours, stay happy, that’s when I will be the happiest too!

You are the best, keep repeating this till you believe this fact. Speak positive words to yourself always, “I AM GREAT, POWERFUL, WISE!” Think healing, think success , think happiness, and always start a day with positive energy, you deserve it!

A fan and lover of your smile and happiness.