Mobilising Global Youth for Malaria Eradication to Save Lives

Malaria, an enduring threat estimated by the WHO  to affect 3.3 billion people globally, claimed over 600,000 lives in 2022 according to the December 2023 World Malaria Report which reveals a persistent challenge.

While celebrating the recent victories such as Cabo Verde’s certification as the third malaria-free country following Algeria and Mauritius certified in 2019 and 1973 respectively, the battle requires a dynamic and fast response so as to elevate the fight against malaria to new heights.

The malaria crisis persists with 249 million cases and 608,000 deaths reported in 2022 and a comprehensive strategy is needed to navigate the evolving challenges in our global health landscape.

The celebrated Cabo Verde’s recent certification echoes the continued belief in the possibility of the lifesaving noble cause and showcasing the potential for triumph. These achievements serve as global benchmarks, motivating nations to pursue excellence in malaria eradication efforts.

There is also a need to recognize the transformative power of youth, and Nkunzi Foundation asserts the pivotal role young leaders play in combating malaria. Through dynamic engagement, the Foundation aims to harness the ingenuity, energy, and international connectivity of the youth demographic.

Nkunzi Foundation, a vanguard of Global Youth Partnerships, commits to inspire youth founded and led institutional partnerships that would among other objectives spearhead a unified international effort against malaria. Through its partnership building strategies, the Foundation continues to seek, to engage and mobilize young leaders across continents.

There is also a need to implore young innovators to channel their creativity towards pioneering solutions for malaria prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, embracing technology and social entrepreneurship, with an aim of revolutionising the different actors’ approach and impact.

The massive sensitization campaigns are pivotal in building awareness and fostering a collective commitment to malaria eradication and Nkunzi Foundation envisages an expansive outreach, targeting educational institutions, communities, and online platforms globally.

The Foundation in a motion to boast the WHO led global force implores that the coalition ought to actively seek and welcome partnerships with youth-led organizations, governmental bodies, and international entities to amplify the impact of youth in the global fight against malaria. This collaborative approach transcends borders, fostering a united front against a common adversary and an end to the malaria death caused suffering in the Tropics.

In the pursuit of a malaria-free world, youth involvement is not just integral; it is imperative to usher in an era where malaria becomes a historical footnote.