Many teenage girls out there are in pain, so much that its sad sad to even think of it. That pain may cause so much more than expected.

Girls out there are raped, forced into marriage and others just used by elders. This causes so much sorrow grief pain depression and loneliness.

This makes girls even scared to grow,scared of puberty, making them afraid of being themselves since they think there is no good in growth.

But the time has come that someone came out and firmly stood for what they believed in. Time for a change,change in society.

I believe that as the future of our generation it’s time we stood firm and united our voices as the modest humans we can be. Because brighter times will come times when a girl child may be brave and able to be herself..

It’s time we end this pain and suffering for we are united. United to change the situation of others many try but then leave it in the way but that’s since they try as individuals

Together we shall overcome and change the state. Giving girls a platform where they can be themselves. Helping those girls who can’t help themselves.

Girls out there are also denied education since parents think girls just need to work.. A girl child also deserves the same privileges to education, a chance of being herself and exploring the world as it is.

I look forward to the times when girls mostly in the north will be given chance to grow up as others do

Potential is in them who are thought of the least.

Let’s speak out against denial to full girl rights.

By Jessica Ssali Nakaddu

“There shall never be another season of silence until women have the same rights as men have on this green earth.”-Susan.B. Anthony