The sense of belonging is arguably one of the most craved-after feeling and state of mind. Family being at the epicenter of this euphoric state, compels me to define it. According to the collins dictionary, a family is a group of people who are related to each other by blood, marriage or adoption. Concurrently, in consonence with , a family is a group of people who want as well choose to be together embraced by a powerful and strong bond that not even the slightest test of trials or troubles can breach. 

It is with the latter that I strongly accede supported by the strong opinions I subscribe to on what family truly is. Family runs deeper than the blood that rushes through our veins. It goes beyond a DNA test and it’s certainly much more than the people we decide to call our soulmates. Thus, allow me take this opportunity to address the elephant in the room. What does family truly mean?

It is such a powerful word that has been believed to be written in  only blood ink for far too long. A notion I dearly beg to differ with. It is with a cleared throat that a series of findings I shall nowpresent to you.

Family, are the people we share trials and tribulations with, it is those who have seen us at our worst and stayed. Family is our blood relatives too! Family is the random person who puts a smile on your face, family is that person who knows all the skeletons in your closet. Family are the people we have the best memories with, family is the person or group of persons that make you feel special. It is the friendly stranger you meet on the street, family is what you make it to be. The list goes on and on.

That being said, family is who we are. It’s what makes life worth while. For this very reason, one is compelled to believe that a day was set aside internationally to give the commendable institution that is family it’s due recognition.

On this noteworthy day therefore, we celebrate family. We celebrate belonging. Taking into account that one way or the other we are all members of the global village family. With a raised glass, may a toast be declared. To all those that have proven their worth as family.