Every year on 21st September, the International Day of Peace is observed all over the world. It is a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace. This year's theme is "Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world "

The Covid-19 virus, which broke out in the final days of 2019 and has since taken a toll on our societies' most vulnerable groups, has lasted longer than anyone anticipated

As united as the world has become to fight this pandemic, the same solidarity should be directed towards ensuring that we are all at peace with one another rather than tearing each other down

Maybe Covid-19 should stay a little longer so that maybe......just maybe we can finally unite as one against a common enemy.

However, it is to this same pandemic that we have lost many of our loved ones and have experienced the most difficult times of our lives. During the same pandemic, some civilians have fled their countries due to attacks, political instabilities, and insecurity from their fellow countrymen. Perhaps Covid-19 is just a destruction!

Whatever the case, the insecurities, robberies, threats, ruthless killings, and other atrocities have not ceased for a single second because we are in the grip of a pandemic. It is extremely exhausting to strive for peace when there are forces constantly working to undermine any efforts made in that direction.

This is why, as we recover from the malevolence of Covid-19 and adjust to the new normal, we must aggressively take up our positions in favor of a more sustainable and peaceful world for all of us.

As the World Peace Bell rings on this day and as we observe 24 hours of non-violence and ceasefire, Let us all contribute by spreading love, compassion, empathy, and humanity. It's the least we can do in these trying times. Let us do what we can in the hope that it will make a difference and eventually spread far enough to have a global impact.