In the shoes of the body shamed

In the shoes of the body shamed

The other day as I scrolled through the TV, I found something that seemed to interest me, it was an interview where people that have been labelled fat by society were giving their grievances and challenges of being fat in our society which included but not limited to failure to job opportunities. I found this so frustrating, like since when could someone's ability be measured by size?

I know what it means being in a society where you're labelled fat so you don't fit certain roles, because it's just not for fat people. The first time everyone sets eyes on you and you're fat, you're definitely tagged as someone who eats alot, and hates to work out. And then if you're too small, you prolly have gone through alot of malnutrition or you're just sick. 

The truth is it's hard each day that passes by when all you get is negative energy. We need no one to remind us of our abilities as fat people or small people. All we need is a little love and cheer from you. Being fat or small just like race has never been easy. You wake up one day and you're sure you got this, and the next day, you're not even sure you can handle being fat or too tiny or not just the perfect size. Just like other people, these people also have got highs and lows, and everytime we're reminded that being fat or thin is among the lows, the demotivation we face cannot be compared to anything you know of. It's painful because sometimes you just have to sit back and wonder what exactly you can do about losing the weight that's become a disgrace or gain some weight to look just like the rest.

One thing for sure you all need to know is that they're plenty fat people out there who've not planned or even wanted to be fat or small but yet they are. It's out of their control and are trying every possible way to shade the weight off, or to just be comfortable in their skin. The least you can do is to worsen their situation. If you can't be of help to them in anyway, then just let them be.. And if you're trying to be useful, just do it the right way. Don't be too quick to judge, rather listen to them and see how you can better them. 

Starting a weight loss journey is one of the hardest yet taken granted for things. It needs a lot of patience, and encouragement. Also, just being comfortable in your skin that the society has labelled as not good enough comes a long way. May we be able to understand this while we choose on whether to help or just sit back.

And to you who's been made feel bad about your size or body type, it's a struggle I know, and these are things that often define who we turn into. I pray that you're reminded everyday that you're simply enough.You don't have to try and justify things you have no control over. I hope you understand that you are beautiful, and beauty need not be defined by anyone to matter. Beauty starts from within, and this is all that matters. 

Here a few tips on how to achieve it.

Entertain positivity. The truth is that positivity nourishes the soul and has a way of making things feel better. Now, that's the energy you need.  Alo, hydrate. Hydration has so many advantages attached to it, making it a worth venture. Work out, burn some calories. While doing this, you don't have to frustrate yourself, do what suits you and what makes you happy. This is helpful as it enables you rejuvenate. Last but not least, eat right. This has got to do with how much you take in and when you do this. Also, keep the real ones around. There's people who're going to walk with you and motivate you, recognize them and appreciate them.

Appreciate who you are, love yourself everyday and make your life beautiful again.