I want a peaceful home, and family, a society where peace prevails. This and more is what I wish for !! Coincidentally, trying to do peace settlement, in class .it’s an amazing topic to be honest. It’s sad too,because you’re reading about the various wars that have failed to come to an end for years, having people to lose their lives each and every other day. The wars in various countries, to mention a few include the Rohingya crisis, Yemen crisis, Afaghinstan, among others. People are dying and tired of trying. The goal is peace, but how far are we willing to go for peace?

Peace starts from home .Conflicts and disagreements are common in every family. Some issues get settled without any heated arguments, whereas some problems leave a major impact on the entire family. Have you ever thought how your children get emotionally disturbed after being a witness to a fight or conflict? It is not only physical fights that bring in serious psychological consequences but also a few destructive disagreement tactics that leads to harmful results in children. If we say children are the leaders of tomorrow then our goal is seeing them there in one whole. Living in a community filled with insults and rage is no solution for anyone. Instead we need to stand up as a community to ensure there’s peace.

We are all ambassadors of peace. We don’t need to be apart of UN to settle disputes peacefully. We need to raise our societies in such a way that disputes can be solved amicably. Because if we fail to, there’s no way we are going to do away with conflict in the world. This is a call to everyone of us to take action in such an era where people are self centered and only care for themselves. To grow up to war faced societies is no joke.
People are dying, and being taught how to use guns at a tender age. Imagine having to deal with such struggles at a tender age. To our nations and everyone in the struggle to ensure peace, this is a call of action, to us all. One day we need to sit back and be proud we made a better world, one where there is no war, and death of one another. It’s our responsibility to be apart of this solution.
We don’t need to start with the big journeys, we just need to hold onto one thing at a time. Creating peace in our communities,stopping the little ones from fighting, settling disputes among the people in our society. Its from this that we can create a peaceful world.

This is a poem I wrote after reading about the cries of those in warfaced countries.

I live in a world where we wake up to dead bodies,
No sisters not brothers to lean on, because we’ve lost them to war
One where it could be your last day, we’re not even sure about tomorrow!!
From every thought, comes with tears mourning our dead ones,
And wishing we could set our eyes on them one last time.
To dream is something we don’t hope for anymore, because we don’t know how to dream anymore.
To deny us of peace is to rob us of happiness,
It’s to shutter our dreams and not letting see our potential. It’s to hide the talent we possess,
This shouldn’t be the path we’re taking but we’re here now,
Our only prayer is that this night mare comes to an end.