In honor of friendship day, we got to hear from a few people, and here’s a compilation of their views on friendship!

Friendship is something one is willing to keep for a lifetime
Friendship is being comfortable with someone, being able to trust someone
Friendship is being able to bear with each other’s similarities and differences and loving each other with all that
Friendship is being able to be you around people regardless of the situation or consequences, being and keeping it real
Friendship means smiling or grinning when someone crosses your mind hihi…
Friendship can be described in many different ways but it all sums up love.

Laughing together, crying together… walking through the storms together, sharing moments of happiness together being each other’s peace, and most of all loving each other without expectations.

Friendship to me is someone who makes my problems their own, someone who is always available even if they are busy, they still pick up or respond, someone who tells me the truth, supports, and guides, someone I develop with, my dreams are their dreams, and theirs are mine.

it means accepting my friends the way I find them. find out the positives about them. and make sure they maintain them. find out the negatives about them. and help them change.
but basically loving my friends with their imperfections is what friendship is to me 

Friendship is that calm I need after a storm.

From my POV, friendship is something that I treasure very much like your friends can either make you or break you. Friendship is more important to me than even romantic relationships because romantic relationships can end but friendships will be there to pick you up from those struggling romantic relationships. Like even when you get issues at home, there’s that one friend in your life you feel like you can turn too. When I have friends, I treat them so well because it’s important to have trust and love and understanding in friendships when I friend does me dirty I don’t hesitate to cut them off because I would have never done you like that and it means you don’t value our friendship or respect it.
In short, I don’t joke with friendship because to me it’s deep.
And losing a friend always hurts me so much. A breakup can hurt but a friendship ending is something I can’t take.

Friendship is being someone’s ears, to listen to their good and bad, shoulder on cry on, mouth to talk to about solutions of life and correcting them where they are wrong, sponge for their emotions, you suck them and bring out the foam that will clean their souls, friendship is a partnership that cares about one’s life, spiritual, physical and you see to it that you find God together.

Not to sound cliché, but to me, friendship is everything. My friends are my chosen family, I don’t take the relationships I have with them lightly at all!

Great friendship is a kind of soul therapy that often goes unnoticed. Too often we forget that true friendship begins with a stranger choosing to unconditionally do the very best for you, expecting nothing but a smile to warm their heart at the end of the day. A toast to the gift of a friend

Friends usually are those people who become part of our family. Sometimes we think to ourselves that only those people we’ve spent time with count as our friends. The truth is that we’re going to meet amazing people every day of our lives. What is important is the ability to understand who our true allies are. The last couple of months have been frustrating and to be honest, our friends have kept us sane. Friends are special, they’re people we’ve longed for, and they’re people others have dreamed of. Value friendships because they’re a rare sparkle. KIRABO NORAH

“Friendship is a gem that can’t be obtained from any mine around the world, but only in the heart. Having someone to wholeheartedly defend you in your absence is better than having the numbers.” VICTOR LUSIBA MUKASA

Friendship is like peeing on yourself, everyone can see it but only you get to experience the
warm feeling it brings! Happy friends day folks!

Friendship is truly beautiful, isn’t it?!