I am very sure that you read the title and probably got that damn gut feeling or thought about someone you are still trying to forgive and get over. Forgiving people is not as easy as people make it seem. Sometimes it really feels like you’ve forgiven someone and then when you see them, the rage and bitterness just comes back afresh like it was that very day.It is so hard watching people who hurt us move around freely ,it lingers on your mind if they even have any remorse.

Carrying grudges is so much baggage and best believe it,the more you forgive,the more blessings you receive, Both Allah and Jesus talk about forgiveness,so who are you to keep grudges anyway. You’re imperfect too, you know, it surely wouldn’t sound good to find out someone else has had a grudge on you for the past five years!

It’s hard, but hey, forgive as many times as you can,it gives so much peace and calms your nerves. When you forgive,you will not have a gut feeling or psycho ideas everytime you see people that have hurt you before. And also, forgiving doesn’t mean taking them back, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to be friends again or whatsoever; you can forgive and still create those much needed boundaries to protect your peace and mental health. The world will not stop putting you in a corner, people will hurt you, sometimes you’ll get neither closure nor an apology, but always know that above all, you need your peace of mind, so keep forgiving and moving on.


“I know a few things about forgiving. It’s harder than it looks, but it feels a lot better than it sounds.” – Rudy Francisco