For how long shall we live
In a society full of greed,
Where people of all ages struggle
And the empowered rip off the little they got?

For how long shall we live
In fear of what tomorrow shall bring?
Always second guessing our actions
Thinking we might be the next to be killed
or kidnapped?

For how long shall we be
The ones that fall asleep to the news of our lost brothers, like a lullaby
And wake up to the sound of cries
mourning the deaths of our sisters, fathers and even mothers?

For how long shall we remain silent
About these injustices that bring us nothing but pain, and fear…
Is it because it is not us?
Is it because we benefit from the oppressor?
Or is it because it is not one of our own
that has fallen victim to the fate of this plight?

When shall we come together
When shall we stand together and hold hands
With people of a different color
People that are different from us
Without looking at them differently?
When shall we be one?

It can not be,
Unless we come together
With no hate or pride
But pure love in our hearts
Only then,
shall we get that peace we dream of…