Anxiety is a mental health disorder characterised by feelings of worry or fear that are strong enough to interfere with one’s daily activities. It can be intense, excessive worry and fear about everyday situations. Sometimes one doesn’t even know why he or she feels that’s way. You could wake up just worried about what you can’t explain . You get a heavy feeling in your chest and many times have no idea how to even solve it. There are types of anxiety , among which are social anxiety , separation anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder(OCD) ,specific phobias, panic disorders, post traumatic disorder etc.

Anxiety can be experienced or feels like so many things among which one will lack sleep due to excessive worry for known or unknown reasons , you just lay in bed probably staring at the ceiling and in many cases you are tired but just can’t force sleep. Then it comes with restlessness , you get so unsettled. You suddenly wake up from your sleep with so much heaviness in your chest . Anxiety also comes with nightmares of your worst fears depending on what you may be experiencing at that point in life. For example a man about to get married, dreaming that he has been left behind on the day of the function. The dreams are definitely uncontrollable .

Anxiety can cause a running stomach, Imagine a situation where you send a risky text and then the person starts to reply, you will feel that stomach ache and feel the urge to go to the toilet and on some occasions , you will get there and realise nothing is coming out. The whole feeling is irritating and even draining. It can also cause nausea due to the excessive worry some people experience . You tend to feel unwanted by the people close to you. It comes with fast heart rate or rapid breathing that could make you feel like you are dying at any time in point. It brings so much fatigue, you feel extremely tired even though you’ haven’t infect engaged in vigorous activity. It also comes with inability to concentrate on anything. Feeling anxious is a major disturbance . There is always forgetfulness and feeling like your mind is blank.

The good news is that anxiety can be stopped, or at least controlled . Start by keeping yourself busy always to avoid worrying about things you may not even have control over. You can also be around people you like being with, people who make you happy. If you can’t access them, call and text them. Everyone has their special people that just make life easier for them. I have my 3 friends who I always run to when I’m in a state of distress and I always get back happier .

Exercising twice or thrice a week can also be a good remedy, it keeps your brain busy, hence no space for worrying and fears . Support groups are also a way to go. There are always people going through some of the things we go through and with their support, we can get better. Avoid alcohol and drugs that give you temporary happiness  because they never solve the problem, they just get you back at the same spot or even in a worse state after the substances wear off the body. Listening to the kind of music you like. This is one of the best therapies for any kind of situation. Music always has a way of making a difference in how we feel. Look at the situation, do you have control over it, if “yes”, then do something about it instead of worrying. If “no” then stop worrying and relax. You can also visit a therapist if the anxiety is constantly there and you will surely feel better at the end of it all, sometimes medicine will be recommended to ease the feeling . Play rain sounds or soothing sounds . These always calm me down and they get me to sleep easily and peacefully . All the people I tell this always call me exotic and some say am weird(haha) but it has helped me alot especially with sleeping easily. I love good sleep and I’m willing to do anything to have that.

Above all *PRAY, PRAY AND PRAY*,nothing will ever beat prayer in solving our problems . Do not be anxious about anything, but in prayer and petition , with Thanksgiving , present your requests to God. -Phillipians 4:6.
Let anxiety not ruin your peace and happiness . There is always a solution for all your worries .