Fact: In 2019, the UN reported that up to one million species were facing the risk of extinction and one of the factors impacting the ecosystem negatively was human activity.

Source: Unsplash by St. Janiko Ferlic

Here lies the soul of my mother,

A woman I loved and cherished

Birthed and nursed me with

The most delightful fruits;

The erotic tangy orange

That tickled my taste buds and

Left them hankering for more

And blissful siblings;

The hummingbird,

That sung the most melodious songs,

The elegant giraffe

That walked our garden with such

Poise and beauty with our neighbor,

The peahen

Oh how could I forget;

The cunniest of them all,

My little brother the hyena,

That giggled and cackled all day long,

And it was all so perfect…


Here lies the soul of my mother,

Whom I was supposed to love and care for,

But what did I do…?

Fed you all kinds of toxins like its milk and honey!

Chopped down all the beautiful mahoganies and sycamores,

All for the love of money


Here lies the soul of my mother,

Night after night brought her grief,

Not a day went by without her burying

And mourning her children;

From the white rhino, to my big bitches

The elephant that is almost no more,

My mother is tired!

As my mother lay on her death bed

gasping for air

facing the consequences of her child’s ludicrous actions.

She turns over to me and whispers in my ear

a cry she’s made for what’s been decades,

a plea for help….

She passed away


I sit down and reminisce about all what was …

Trying to process what has just happened;

My mother, DEAD! My siblings EXTINCT!

All the magnificent oceans and mahoganies,


And me, sick and breathing my last breath,

wondering which kind of child who

‘Truly loved her mother’ would do such a thing!

But now it’s too late and it’s time for me to

face the consequences of my actions.

A guilty human child

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