It's 2am…
The night is not as quiet as i expected 
but what is alittle noise when it's always loud in your head… 
It's 2am and i can't even get some sleep
My mind's racing 
and I'm starting to wish 2am was actually a person.
Maybe then I'd have someone to talk to,
To cry to,
To tell all my secrets, my fears, my doubts, 
all of it… 

"how are you?" they ask
I want to tell them about it all
Theres a little voice inside of me screaming, "Can't you see me?"
I'm drowning, 
and I'm enjoying this "death" alittle more than i should. 

Ofcourse that doesn't seem right
I don't want to die but I'm also tired of living
Everyone around me seems happy
But i know all their faces
I can tell when they are faking it
Their eyes don't light up anymore 
Their pictures are beautiful 
but if you look closer, you'll see sadness all over their faces. 

Maybe it's just me
Maybe I'm being paranoid as always
But I've been there
I have been the happiest in the room or maybe thought i was the happiest
Yet i was withering
I don't know what to do anymore
Do i wait till i dry or just quicken the process and end it fast? 

"I see you
I hear you
Remember you can't heal if you keep pretending you are not hurt."